Тип на донација


16 October 2019

World Food Day

Healthy food and appropriate nutrition are very important for our health. We in SOS Children’s village care about the health and we make an effort to inform the children from the earliest age about the effect the nutrition has on their appropriate growth and development.

For that reason, today, in the premises of the Resource center of SOS Children’s village we hung out with friends from the three kindergartens “13 Noemvri”, “Kocho Racin” and “Rade Jovchevski Korchagin” in the Municipality of Centar. We did some coloring, we had fun, but we ate health fruits and vegetables, because we have learnt that this is very important for our growth.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Mr. Sasha Bogdanovikj visited The Resource center of SOS Children’s village as well, and gave his support in the realization of these activities.

We thank our friends for the beautiful day and we hope that we will have a lot of more mutual hangouts and activities.