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18 October 2019

New fundraising campaign “The world of SOS Superheroes”

SOS Superheroes live in the SOS world! Be a part of this  humane world.

With this call, SOS Children’s village invites all citizens to wake up the superhero within them and to join in the newest campaign “The world of SOS Superheroes”. By becoming part of this campaign, everyone can donate and provide support to children without parental care and children at social risk which SOS Children’s village has been providing care to, for 18 years,

The aspiration of SOS Children’s village “No child should grow up alone” can become reality with the mere help of good people, provided to people that believe in the work of SOS Children’s villages, as part of our mission and aim, bearing in mind that our aim consists of providing a loving home, happy childhood and everyday life in SOS Children’s village.

Why superhero? Because the children that SOS Children’s village provides care to need a hero, inspiration, and a character they can identify with. Why should this character be You? And, how can all of this be accomplished? Simply, any person who allocates funds within his/her own capacity and donates them online through the website of SOS Children’s village shall be our Superhero, and not just our superhero, because by setting a positive example this person will be a Superhero to all children and adults

The campaign shall last three months, during which the Macedonian humanity can be proven, along with the humanity of this people, which will be widely displayed and You will be able to show and prove your Superpowers “You are a Superhero for the people around you and for those that need you the most. You are a Superhero if you set a positive example, if you provide help… This is why, we the Children’s village, invite: You to be another SOS Superhero!  This is our guide, our idea which is part of the newest campaign of SOS Children’s village – “The world of SOS Superheroes”.

Within this campaign, which primarily will be led through the social networks, we from SOS Children’s village will be in Cineplexx in City Mall three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 18:00 and 20:00 o’clock, where you will have the opportunity to find out more about our work and to make a donation. The citizens had the first opportunity to do this yesterday evening in Cineplexx.

The campaign of SOS Children’s village “The world of SOS Superheroes” calls to IMMEDIATE action,  so that You can be another superhero, and an example to all children and so that you can encourage the humanity in them from the earliest age.

The campaign can be followed on our channels in the social networks Facebook and Instagram.