Тип на донација


14 October 2019

We learn to be safe

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children should have special protection in situations when their right to life, survival and development is endangered. In SOS Children’s village the safety of the children is our top priority, and we do everything we can to ensure their safety. However, it is also highly important that they learn to protect themselves and to be safe.

This is why, we are delighted to be able to combine useful and fun and to have the opportunity to learn something useful by hanging out. This time, our friends from Insurance Macedonia helped us to learn how to protect ourselves and to be safe. These days in SOS Children’s village are beautiful experience for the children and our dear friends. The great time spent yesterday was accompanied by a great mood and a lot of educational games. The children had the opportunity to learn to protect themselves and to be safe in the event of a fire, earthquake and flood.

Yesterday we learned that sometimes, in spite of our attention and caution, accidents can happen. But we have also learned how to react appropriately and quickly.

“193 – Hellooo, fire brigade” – the children were carefully and quickly calling the number of the fire brigade, which was part of the first game away from smoke, away from fire.

As part of the second game In safety, we learned how to protect ourselves carefully and by not panicking in case of an earthquake. With the third game Prepare yourself and climb up, we learned the most important things that need to be packed in the event of a flood.

The fourth game Extinguish the fire, was also very interesting and useful. It showed us how important it is to always remain allied and united.

At the end we were all awarded with diplomas for the successfully completed and learnt lesson. We thank Insurance Macedonia for the beautiful day and we’re looking forward to having you as our guest again.