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Youth strengthening project

The goal of the Project for Social Inclusion and Economic Empowerment of Youth and Young parents is to contribute towards the improvement of the general socio-economic welfare of the youth and the families at risk in the city of Skopje, particularly in the municipality of Gazi Baba, with improvements to their inclusion in the community and financial sustainability.


Young people up until the age of 29 and young parents up until the age of 35 who are at social risk.


  • We strengthen the capacities of the youth, by providing access to the labour market and by providing support, with the end goal employment of the youth;
  • We aid the development of business ideas which are part of a particular business plan and we provide grants for  starting a small business;
  • We provide psychological support and as a result, we increase the personal self-confidence of the youth, thus creating a positive outlook on the future and the changes.
  • In our children’s corner, we provide education and upbringing to the children of our beneficiaries aged 3-6 years; so they can acquire knowledge, skills, and habits, and we also provide counseling and education of the parents for appropriate growth and development of the children.

The Project for Social Inclusion and Economic Empowerment of Youth and Young parents at social risk covers young people or families on the territory of the city of Skopje, with a particular focus on the municipality of Gazi Baba. Young people are provided with the opportunity to receive support for employment or self-employment, by participating in the trainings for “soft” skills, basic or advanced computer skills, financial literacy skills, opportunities for qualification or additional qualification, internship and support in development of business ideas, creation of a business plan and opportunity to start a small business by providing specific assistance. Apart from acquiring new knowledge and skills, the project team works on increasing the self-confidence of the youth and on creating positive attitude about the future and the changes. The expected result of the general labor market intervention is about 300 people in social risk to be involved as equal participants, and in that way, they will improve their socio-economic situation in the long run and will integrate into society. Additionally, the parents shall acquire knowledge and skills so they can be good parents, for the proper growth and development of their children.



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