Тип на донација


Our work

We believe that no child should grow up alone and that every child should live in a stable and caring family as part of a supportive community. This provides children with the opportunity to just be children. However, it remains a fact that at least one in ten children in the world have already lost or are at risk of losing parental care.

СОС Детско село својата работа ја темели на следните вредности:


We take action. We continuously innovate our work for the children and we respond to the changing realities of the local communities and to every child.


We keep our promises. We show long-term dedication to children and their communities and we provide high-quality services which support them so that they can succeed in life.


We believe in each other. We work with all interested parties and our work is in the spirit of team work and with it we establish a mutual trust for the purpose of fulfilling our mission. .


We are responsible partners. We take responsibility for the children, communities, partners and the donators that we cooperate with. Our greatest responsibility is guaranteeing the wellbeing of children by ensuring high standards of care.

Fields of work

SOS Children’s village is focused on the following fields of work:

• Family model for alternative care for children

• Social prevention program (family strengthening)

• Youth care program

• Representation and Capacity building for the social protection system

• Intervention support

Alternative care

We work on providing high-quality alternative care to children who can no longer live with their parents. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards in protection for all of our programs and we work on improving the system for alternative care to children, with the state and communities.

Family strengthening

Families faced with crises or extreme difficulties may be prevented from providing appropriate care for their children. We shall work with the families and communities to help them build their capacities and to provide the children with appropriate care, thus ensuring that the families stay together.

СОС детско село работи врз основа на четири принципи:


Every child is unique and respected.
We recognize the potential of children, we guide and accompany them on the path towards independence, helping them to become independent young people and contributing members of our society.


Every child needs a caring and stable parent.
We work on ensuring that the children become part of stable relationships with the foster parents, based on love, security and respect.


Every child grows up in a family which supports him.
We support the families to stay together. If the children cannot grow up in their families, we support them so they can build long-lasting relationships in an alternative family environment, simultaneously ensuring the biological brothers and sisters to stay together.


Every child is part of a safe community which supports him.
We support families so they can establish a connection with their communities, share their experiences, provide mutual support and work together on creating a positive environment where children and young people can develop.