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Herman Gmeiner founded SOS Children’s villages after the Second World War, in 1949, when the first SOS Children’s village was built in Imst, Austria. His aim was the children who, due to the war, lost their families, to grow up in a warm family environment, surrounded by love and security. The first built house in the village bears the name “House of peace”.

If a competent Center for social work has concluded that the conditions in which the child is growing up in his family are not in his best interest and that in these conditions there is no respect for the child’s rights, or if the parents of the child are not alive, the center shall make a decision to place the child in an alternative form of care – a SOS foster family.

The decision whether a child can be admitted to SOS family care is made by the competent Center for social work in co-operation with SOS Children’s village.

The care for the children is provided by licensed foster parents who undergo an extensive training program in accordance with the PRIDE methodology for foster parents, and they receive continuous ongoing support during the care which is provided by an expert team of professionals – psychologists, pedagogues, social workers, logopedists, defectologists and etc.

Because the Centers for social work are legal guardians of the children growing up in the SOS Foster families, the decision for the type of care which is in the best interest of every child lies with them. If you are interested in adoption, please contact the Center for social work in Your municipality.

Staring from 2007, we provide support for children who risk losing the care of their biological families living at social risk. The Social prevention program is carried out through- “Advisory centers for parents and children” which operate in the municipalities of Shuto Orizari and Gazi Baba. The goal of the advisory centers is to build the capacities of families to provide high-quality care and protection for their children and to provide intervention support to the children and parents in crisis.

By supporting us, you give us the opportunity to provide the best possible care for children, so they can grow up in a loving home, surrounded by parental love and support. You help us encourage them to freely develop their capacities, to prepare them for the challenges in life and to enable them to become successful young people with active contributions towards our society. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2Q5TmdC

Sometimes the parents cannot provide care for their children by themselves, sometimes children lose their parents or they never get the chance to meet them – these children need your support. Every day, with your support, together we can provide high quality care for nearly 300 children in the Republic of Macedonia. We undertake to use all of the acquired financial and material assets correctly, responsibly and with respect, in the interest of the children whose care has been entrusted to us. Our standards and policies prescribe the quality of child care and the manner in which the funds shall be spent in great detail. In this sense, we pay particular attention that our work is financially transparent and we regularly conduct internal and external financial controls.