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Corporate partnerships

At SOS Children’s village we firmly believe in the social responsibility and the influence of the business community in Macedonia. Thanks to the support of our dear friends, together we are able to change the lives of children and to create opportunities for children who have not had a chance to enjoy a happy childhood and who dream of a successful future. Our care is long-term and therefore we are the only ones who can say that we have raised good, honest and successful young people and that we have kept the families together. Of course, we cannot do this alone and we need your support. By supporting us, you enable us to provide the highest quality care for children, so that they grow up in a loving home, surrounded by parental love and support. You help us encourage them to freely develop their capacities, to prepare them for the challenges in life and to enable them to become successful young people with active contributions towards our society.


Why choose us?

  • Because No child should grow up alone.
  • Because we have a 69-years-old tradition as an international organisation and we have 16 years’ experience in providing care to children and young people without parents and parental care, along with support to families at risk in Macedonia.
  • As an organization we make direct contributions towards achieving the sustainable development goals 2030
  • Because we are ready to work with you, driven by creativity and by the creation of a mutual strategy, regardless of whether you are a small business or a multinational company.


Your benefit

  • Investing in the future of the children
  • Contributing towards building a social community
  • Motivating your employees and increasing their pride and loyalty towards the company
  • Demonstrating and strengthening your corporative social responsibility
  • Becoming a partner of a stable and recognizable international organization for social development


How you can help?

  • Become a company friend of SOS Children’s village
  • Become a sponsor of the SOS family
  • Become a sponsor for one of the programs: SOS Children’s villageFamily strengtheningSOS youth care program
  • Corporative volunteering
  • Motivate your employees to donate directly from their salary and personally double the sum
  • Donate products and services
  • Brand your product or services with the logo of SOS Children’s village and donate part of the revenues
  • Order New Year’s Cards


Contact us for more information:

Aleksandra Spasevska

Expert for securing funds and communication


tel. +389 (0)72 220 038